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Friday Sept 30th Shabbat Candle lighting 6:13pm, Shabbat Ends Saturday 7:10pm
Shabbat Services

Saturday, October 1st

Tishrei 6,Vayelech

Please Note: The Rabbi plans to be at shul for Shabbat starting at 10am Saturday mornings.

For those who wish to join him,  please take into account the following;

1.  There will be a deep cleaning of the synagogue. 
2.  Masks will be required to enter. 
Masks, Gloves and disinfectant wipes will be available at the entrance for those who need them.
3.  The Chapel seating will be limited with 6' separations between seats.
4.  Men are encouraged to have their own talit set aside for their exclusive use.
5.  Everyone is encouraged to have his/her own siddur and chumash set aside for their exclusive use.
6.  The services will be abbreviated with a minimum of singing.  Social distancing of 6' including
(if a minyan) the Torah service will be maintained.

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Rabbi Yakov Blotner